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Work Force

Willingness to Work
The Navajo people are an enthusiastic and very capable labor pool. Jobs are highly prized.

According to the 2000 Census, more than 62 percent of the Navajo people are under the age of 30, providing a young labor force. Employers will also find a large number of college graduates of all disciplines in the work force.

Basha’s, a supermarket chain based in Arizona, operates stores on the reservation. Owner Eddie Basha says, “A percentage of our profits on the Navajo Nation is returned for redevelopment and education, and we make an annual donation to the Navajo Education Scholarship Fund. We were honored to have been invited to the Navajo Nation as their grocery retailer in 1981, and we look forward to a continuing healthy association.”

Adaptability and Dedication
“Dine' Naanish 'lliigo Yee Da' ahota” translates to mean “Quality is the Navajo way.” “This belief has been prominently displayed in our factory since opening in July of 1989,” states Robert Joe, General Manager, Raytheon Missile Systems, NAPI facility. “The Navajos’ manufacturing ability and quality is next to none. It is in their culture through the many years of jewelry making, weaving of their rugs and blankets and an extremely positive work ethic. Our Navajo employees produce a high quality product on time and at cost.”

Job Training Opportunities
The Navajo Division of Human Resources operates various programs under the Job Training Partnership Act now known as Workforce Development.  Examples of ongoing activities are Community Service Employment, Classroom Training, and Youth Employment.
The Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development
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