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For countless generations, the Navajo culture has emphasized a respect for and an understanding of the harmonious, balanced, and sacred interdependence of all elements of life on the Earth. Honoring its unique and enduring values, the Navajo Nation approaches the twenty-first century with a philosophy not of expenditures, but of investments in its people, resources, infrastructure and the environment.

Foremost among the Nation’s business assets are the Navajo people themselves proud and dedicated. Famed for generations as meticulous silversmiths and weavers, modern-day Navajos have translated their traditional skills into the detail-oriented talents demanded by industry.

Quality-conscious employers such as Raytheon Missile Systems (NAPI Industrial Park, New Mexico), BHP-Utah International, Inc. (Waterflow, New Mexico), the Arizona Public Service Company – Four Corners Power Plant (Fruitland, New Mexico) and the Navajo Generation Station, associated with the Salt River Project (Lechee, Arizona) rely on the Navajo workmanship and have not been disappointed.  Its hardworking people have made the Navajo Nation one of the most successful American Indian nations.

Other vital assets are the land and natural resources.  The Navajo Reservation, encompassing over 24,000 square miles within the states of New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, has an abundance of water, minerals, oil, and gas, and forests.

The great natural beauty of the land and the Navajo culture generate more than 11 million tourist consumers per year.  This reservation embraces great natural beauty such as the Monument Valley, archaeological treasures such as Canyon de Chelly, and recreational area such as Lake Powell.  The Navajo Nation encourages development by the tourism industry for hotels, motels or RV park development to accommodate visitors to the Reservation.  A destination resort for the Lake Powell at the Antelope Point Marina is underway to capture the tourist market in this region of the Reservation.

The Nation’s aggressive economic development program has attracted such companies as Design Data Solutions, ACE Home Center, Coca-Cola, Mobil Oil, Peabody Coal, Wells Fargo, and Holiday Inn.

The Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development
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