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Increasing tourism and developing an industrial base are key elements in the Navajo Nation’s strategy for future economic diversification.

In addition, the Nation’s energy policy is structured to protect and strengthen the energy and natural resource industries, which currently provide the foundation for the Nation’s economic health. Mining and production of oil and gas generate 60 percent of the Nation’s general fund revenues and a major portion of its tax revenues.  The Nation is also committed to developing renewable energy resources, including solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass.

The combination of high-quality energy resources, skilled Navajo workers, potential tax benefits and a favorable business climate makes the Navajo Nation a competitive choice for commercial development.

Tribal leaders and private sector partners are working together to establish an efficient, viable, economy, which will offer the people of the Navajo Nation greater lifestyle choices. The Nation has established its goal by:

  • Diversifying the Navajo economy
  • Building and utilizing the Navajo potential
  • Achieving greater economic self-sufficiency

A number of initiatives are underway to assist the Navajo Nation’s economic transition from one largely dependent on federal aid to one sustained by private enterprise.

Industrial Parks
The eight industrial parks located throughout the reservation were designed to offer tenants both development and undeveloped sites with easy market access by truck, or rail, as well as low rental and utility rates.

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company deliberately sought to locate in Chinle, Arizona, because of its strategic location to the company’s delivery points.  Furthermore, by choosing to become one of the first tenants in the Chinle Industrial Park, the company did not have to worry about securing permits, utilities, and land to build a plant from the ground up.
The Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development
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