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The government of the Navajo Nation consists of three branches: an 88-member legislature -the Navajo Nation Council - whose members are elected from local chapters, a President, who is elected at large by the Navajo electorate and serves as the Executor for the Executive branch, and a Judicial branch with district courts and a Supreme Court.

Within the Executive branch, the Division of Economic Development is one of fourteen cabinet entities.  An experienced, professional staff directs the Nation’s commercial/industrial growth and provides an attractive business environment.

Business can take advantage of the offer by the Navajo Nation, with its capable work force and job training programs, and settle into an area rich in culture and pride.  The Navajo Nation provides a window of opportunity for businesses to
share in the progress of the Navajo people.
The Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development
PO Box 663, Window Rock AZ 86515