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Ample land ready for your development, a young, eager, educated labor pool, and federal tax incentives for companies new to the reservation are some reasons why corporate America is beginning to explore the potential of this land of opportunity. Within our seventeen million acres of monumental beauty, which spill across three states - New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona - are industrial and commercial sites with a ready-made work force, consumer population and a tourist influx of more than 5,000,000 people every year.

Corporate America will also find some of the lowest utility rates in the United States, and absence of some state and county taxes, and an industry-friendly local tax program.

Besides unbelievable lease terms on Tribal land and/or buildings, blue skies and clean water, workers rated among the best in the country, and federal tax credits, the Navajo Nation offers the prime location for the Pacific, Northwestern and Southwestern markets. Whether you ship by rail, truck, direct transportation links to these area provide quick and easy accessibility to the growing number of industrial and retail consumers in these states. It would be difficult to find a better base from which to operate.

The professional staffs of the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development are ready to assist you in expanding or relocating to ANOTHER NATION in every way they can.

To learn more about the benefits of living and working in this culturally unique environment complete the attached electronic form. Design Data Systems and Raytheon Missile Systems Company did and the high quality and low cost production of their Navajo facilities are acknowledged around the world.

The Navajo Nation
Project Development Department
P.O. Box 663
Window Rock AZ 86515

505/863-6414  (New Mexico)
928/871-6504  (Arizona)

The Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development
PO Box 663, Window Rock AZ 86515