Q. What is the average lease rate for commercial land?

A. About $3.00 per square foot on the average - this is very negotiable depending on permanent improvements to the site or building and/or the number of Navajos to be hired.

Q. Are Industrial Parks common on the Navajo Nation?

A. Yes, the Navajo Nation has nine industrial sites: four in Arizona, and four in New Mexico. These Industrial sites are:.

Church Rock Industrial Site - located in Church Rock, New Mexico, of the total 76 acres, 72 acres are available.
Shush Be Toh Industrial Site - located in Iyanbito, New Mexico, 320 acres are available.
NAPI Industrial Site - located within the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry tract, the suite is 250 acres total with 16 lots available.
Shiprock Industrial Site - located in Shiprock, New Mexico, of the 50 acres total, 40 acres are available.
Chinle Industrial Site - located in Chinle, AZ, of 30 acres total, 16 acres are available.
Fort Defiance Industrial Site - located in Fort Defiance, AZ, of the 28 acres total, 2 lots are available.
Leupp Industrial Site - located in Leupp, AZ, 100 acres are available.
New Lands Industrial Site - located in Sanders, AZ, 28 acres total. A 30,000 square foot industrial building is available for lease. It it presently managed by the Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Office. Contact is Mae Silago at (928) 688-2413.
Dennehotso-Yazzie Acres - located in Dennehotso, AZ, 55 acres are available.

Q. Does the Navajo Nation have enterprise zones?

A. Companies who locate to the Navajo Nation may qualify for Federal and State incentive programs. There are programs with the States of New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, depending on where the company located on our Reservation.

The Indian Country Federal Tax Incentives: Employers on the Navajo Nation are allowed federal income tax credits based on the number of Navajo employees and are allowed accelerated rates of depreciation on capitalized buildings and equipment. A summary of the Indian Investment & Employment Tax Incentives is included in the Navajo Nationís promotional packet.

State Enterprise Zones: Apache County, Navajo County, and Coconino County participate in the State of Arizona Enterprise Zone Program. Employers may qualify for state income tax credits. Contact Patty Duff with the Arizona Department of Commerce at (602) 280-1340 or contact the local county person. The county contacts are as follows: Apache County: Marta Pollack, (928) 337-2644; Navajo County: Carl Wibel, (928) 537-3777; and Coconino County: Marcie Delmotte, (928) 779-7658.

Q. What buildings are available?

A. Tribally-owned buildings on the Navajo Nation are available by lease only; terms are fully negotiable and tenant-friendly.


  • New Lands Industrial Site - located in Sanders, Arizona, a 30,000 square foot building is available for lease. It is presently managed by the Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Office. (928) 688-2413.

    Navajo Nation Shopping Centers provide prime and unique business opportunities for Navajo people. Visit them on the web at

    Vacancies with the Navajo Nation Shopping Centers are available. Contact the leasing manager at (928) 871-2218. Currently the following spaces are available:
  • Window Rock Cinema (1 Vacancy)
  • 6,624 sq. ft.
  • Tuba City Shopping Center (1 Vacancy)
  • 9,760 sq. ft.
  • Crownpoint Shopping Center (1 Vacancy)
  • 800 sq. ft.
  • Pinehill Shopping Center (2 Vacancies)
  • 2,000 sq. ft.

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