Q. What is the unemployment rate?

A. The Unemployment rate as of 2008 is 50.52%.

Q. How many people are represented by the Navajo Nation labor force?

A. 62,433.

Q. How many people from the labor force are employed?

A. 30,890.

Q. What is the quality of the labor force?

A. One of the Nation's greatest incentives is our People. A non-migrant work force who's permanent home is the Navajo reservation! The Navajo people are an enthusiastic and very capable labor pool. Jobs are highly prized. More than 62% of the Navajo people are under the age of 30, providing a young labor force.

Q. What is the educational level of the labor force?

A. 43.5% of those who are 25 years of age or older have high school diplomas and 5.5% have college degrees.

Q. What is the Navajo Nation's minimum wage rate?

A. The Navajo Nation's minimum wage rate is currently $7.25/hour.

Q. What is the average manufacturing wage?

A. An assembler's average wage is currently $7.38/hour. Please see the Navajo Nation's promotional packet, the Cost of Doing Business sheet.

Q. What is the per capita income?

A. $7,121.

Q. Is the Navajo Nation a right to work state?

A. No.

Q. What are the largest employment sectors?

A. Over 70% of the employment on the Navajo Nation is in the Service and Government economic sectors. Other sectors include retail/trade, transportation/communication, mining, construction, finance/insurance/real estate, agriculture, and wholesale.

Q. What is the worker's compensation rate?

A. The compensation rate depends on which state your company locates to on our reservation.

Q. What labor force incentives does the Navajo Nation offer?

A. An inexpensive wage rate that can be compensated by the State of New Mexico during training period. This program is the Industrial Training program. A Federal tax credit is available for new companies or existing companies who expand their operations on our reservation. Additionally, the Navajo Department of Employment and Training is available to new employers on the reservation to provide assistance for workforce training.