Q. How do Navajo Nation high school test scores compare to the U.S.?

A. The Navajo Nation has a very young population with a median age of 29.5. In fact more than 3,000 high school students graduate each year, a number which is expected to rise in the future.

Q. What is the Navajo Nation's literacy rate?

A. Because of the vastness of the Navajo Nation and the number of schools, it is difficult to ascertain. There are 167 public, 91 Bureau of Indian Affairs, 26 contract, and 41 private/mission schools within the Navajo Nation.

Q. How many institutions of higher education are within the Navajo Nation?

A. There are two higher education institutions on the Navajo Nation. The institutions are the Dine College in Tsaile, Arizona, and the Navajo Technical College, NTC, in Crownpoint, New Mexico. Dine College is a two-year college that offers associate degrees in a variety of areas and is the very first American Indian-owned college and is the largest Indian-owned college in the country. Dine College has branch campuses in Shiprock, Chinle, Tuba City, Ganado and Window Rock. The NTC is a two year vocational technical school.

There are other vocational training programs associated with colleges adjacent to the Navajo Nation to supplement a skilled and semi-skilled labor force.

Q. How many Navajos receive post-secondary degrees?

A. Approximately 3,200 Navajo students receive degrees annually from various colleges and universities from throughout the country.

More than 300 Navajos receive bachelor degrees annually while more than 100 Navajo students receive graduate degrees annually.

Additionally, 90% of these graduates live on or near the Navajo Nation; 75% work on or have worked for the Navajo Nation; and they visit the Navajo Nation approximately 20 times per year.

Q. How are Navajo public schools funded?

A. Public schools are funded by the state from assessed valuation of property taxes. Some schools receive funding directly from the Federal government for students.

Q. How many people on the Navajo Nation have diplomas/degrees?

A. In the year 2,007, 45,593 people living on the Navajo Nation had received their High School Diploma; 6,464 people had received their Bachelor's degree.